Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Android tv box for games

Get ready for the fight of your life!
Enjoy this fun and addictive 3D Low-poly Fighting Gameplay with stunning Console-level graphics.

Smart TV Box Fighting Game is a funny and crazy 3D Fighting Game for Mobile and Android TV Box. 

Master the art of 3D fighting and stunning combos while using your combat arsenal of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and INSANELY powerful MAGIC WEAPON ATTACKS! 

Endlessly fight against powerful aliens and sometimes oversized fantasy monsters within colorful and 3D levels. Defeat numerous enemies using either hand to hand attack combos or magical weapons. 

As you play, choose how to fight and defeat your various opponents: Boxing, Kung fu, Two-handed Sword Combat, Jujitsu and many more combo-oriented fighting techniques are available within this one of a kid TV Box Game. 

Game Features:
▶ Console quality realistic fighting experience
▶ Adrenaline-pumping original action music for each level.
▶ Accessible to beginners, as well as hardcore 3d combat games addicts.
▶ Level up by collecting Potions and prove your skills through various combinations of swift combos. 
▶ Polished animation and stunning 3D graphics.
▶ No Gamepad is required. The game is 100% playable using only Android TV Box remote control.
▶ Compatible with: Media box, Hdtv box, Smartbox, Airbox and Android TV Box
▶ Smooth and realistic extreme combo action and oversized magical weapons are available to provide one of the most unique and enjoyable fighting game experiences to players. 
▶ Playable offline everywhere. Smart TV Box Fighting Game can be played on both Mobile devices and Android TV Box without internet connection.
▶ Vivid design and bright 3D graphics.
▶ Explore an ever-growing collection of colorful and distinctive 3D levels, virtual characters and smart enemies. 

This Arcade style TV Box and Mobile 3D Combat game is totally free.
Smart TV Box Fighting Game is a perfect and very unique gaming experience for fighting game lovers.

3D fighting game fully compatible with: Beelink, MXQ, ABOX, Fire TV, Easytone, T95, Mibox, RK MAX, MeCool, Roku and many more popular Media Box, Smartbox, HDTV and Android TV Box devices.

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